Simple & Beautiful

Our default website theme is clean and easy for your supporters to use on any device.

Customize Your Shop

Easily change colors, backgrounds and logos to give your website a completely custom look. No coding required.

Mobile Friendly

Your shop will support any size of device making it easy for your supporters to engage with your organization from anywhere.

Buy Custom Themes

DonorShops supports any theme from any marketplace to run on DonorShops! You can even edit all the layout files directly.


Content Management

Manage the content on any page in your site. Change and format text or add images and media.

Pages & Menus

Add, rename and remove your menus and pages from our simple-to-use admin panel.

Media Library

Easily upload and attach images to your content. All your images are automatically processed and uploaded to our Content Delivery Network for fast image viewing.

Banner Management

Upload, sort and schedule your homepage banner images with ease.

Feeds & Blogs

Publish blog posts, media feeds and even syndicate your content in a Podcast!


Simple Forms

Easy to use forms making donating simple and easy for your supporters.

Flexible Recurring Options

Allow your supporters to choose exactly when and how often they want to give.

Goal Oriented Fundraising

Display a progress bar anywhere on your site to show the progress you’re making towards your fundraising goals.

Donation eGifts

Allow donors to donate as a gift to someone else. DonorShops will send a customized email to the recipient letting them know about the donation made on their behalf.

Online Shop

Sell Product

Sell almost any product through your online store.

Sell Downloads

Securely sell video, audio and digital books - up to 5GB files.

Manage Products

Add multiple variations of a product. Organize your products into categories.

Inventory Tracking

Simple inventory tracking helps you track when you need to restock product and pulls products off your website once you’ve sold-out.


Configure taxes as you want based on the type of product and the region being shipped to.


Use tiered pricing for shipping to incentivize your members to buy more. Or integrate with your prefered courier for live shipping rates during checkout.

Events & Tickets

Event Registration

Allow members to register for events. You can even collect custom information from each member as they register.

Email Event Tickets

Use the email notifications to send registration confirmations that include a QR code.

Event Check-Ins

Use the QR code embedded in the registration confirmation email to check-in your registrants at your event.


Manage Resources

Easily maintain your database of sponsorable resources.

Track Maturity and Expiry

DonorShops will automatically monitor the maturity and expiry of your resources.

Supporter Login

User Accounts

Allow your members to create user accounts.

My Profile & History

Allow members to review their donation and purchase history as well as update their personal profile.

Easy Checkout

Allow your members to streamline their purchases by recalling their personal account info when they login.

Membership Levels

Assign membership levels to your user accounts to enable membership specific content and purchases. Maybe your gold members have access to a limited edition product or private blog updates.



The DonorShops admin panel is simple and easy to use.

Login from Anywhere

Because DonorShops is a web-based tool, you can access the admin panel from almost anywhere that has WiFi on any device.

Comprehensive Reports

Pull up reports and dashboards to help you track your fundraising, sales and supporter engagement.

Export Data

Export sales, product and supporter data for processing outside DonorShops.


Donor and Financial Tracking

Use DonorPerfect to improve your Donor and Financial tracking records.

Automatically Synchronization

All financial transactions are synchronized to DonorPerfect. We even link up to existing Donor accounts and ensure the correct gifts are created.



All your data is safely stored in our world-class data centre managed by RackSpace.


Your static website content is posted to a Content Delivery Network for fast page loads.


Our team is constantly monitoring and improving our service to ensure your site doesn’t go offline.


We Love You

Customer support is our number one priority. You'll always feel valued and prioritized. Promise ;)

24-7 Email Support

No matter when or where, our support team is available 24-7 via email.

24-7 Monitoring

Our support team is monitoring your DonorShops site 24-7 to mitigate downtime problems and resolve your issues.